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Police Interceptors - Season 19 Episode 15 - Episode 15

Genre: Documentary


Country: UK

Episode: 102/102 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 8

Season 19 - Police Interceptors
"Officers hunt for two suspects allegedly armed with a gun after a tram-stop robbery in Bulwell. Dan Machin and Jim Campin spot a pair who fit the description, but the suspects vanish over a railway footbridge, unaware that on the other side of the tracks firearms cops Lenny and Paul are closing in. Plus, Jim and Ben respond to a report of teenagers on the rampage in the market town of Arnold."
"A dangerous driver who's breached his restraining order leads the interceptors on the pursuit to end all pursuits: a half-hour, white-knuckle ride across Nottinghamshire."
"Lisa and Jim find themselves slipping and sliding through the pitch black on the trail of a runaway 4x4. Their suspect seems to know rural Nottinghamshire like the back of his hand, and his off-roader is slowly slipping from sight."
"Officers from the knife crime team give chase when a handcuffed suspect makes a break for it, but with his hands behind his back he soon face-plants into the tarmac. Meanwhile, stakes are high as the interceptors comb the streets for a man who has threatened to stab his former partner and harm her horse."
"Jen and her dog Quantum search for a dangerous suspect who has form for assaulting police, while a crackdown on cannabis cultivation leads to a big haul in a disused warehouse. On the roads, a van with false plates causes complete carnage, ploughing up the pavement and getting wedged against a house."
"The firearms team are deployed to the address of a man allegedly armed with a gun who is threatening to harm himself or provoke a police shooting. In Mansfield, Spencer and Rob tackle a man in the street who is suspected of carrying a knife and making threats to stab his own mother, and officers deal with a driver who struggles to remember his own name."
"Ron and Spence race to a scene of an alleged knife attack."
"The firearms team mobilises to tackle a suspect armed with a pistol. Rob and Dan pursue of an under-powered runaway hatchback before the suspect decamps and makes a run for it in a fluorescent jacket."
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